How To Earn $1000 a Month By Blogging.

Earn $1000 from home by just writing some blog is`nt this seems like fantasy
but not. its possible i am going to tell you today how you can make money from 
just writing blogs. Do we have to spent some money to earn some money?
How much can you rally earn? Or is it right choice to start blogging in 2019?

i am going to answer all this Yes you can earn $10 to $1000 a month it depends 
on your skills and quality of writing blogs. 

You dont have to spend much in start blogging you. All you need is just a internet 
laptop or desktop or mobile. 

First you have to decide on which topic you wanna write blog example lifestyle, Health
Tech, Fitness, Education it better to choose a nech first.

The Easiest way to start blogging for free is to just go to make 
id there and start writing blog and posting blogs there wlah see how easy it is 
you will start getting paid for that from adsense and marketing and you can promote 
Other people or some websites they will pay you for their marketing as well the 
easiest way is google adsense as many people visit your page or read your blog
you start to earn there all it depend on how much people can you attract on
your post this is a free way and a better way to start blogging.

There is another way to start Blogging is to spend some money and Buy a Hosting 
and Domain It cost you around $35 for first year hosting and around $8 for one
year Domain. Rates varies on different companies some charge little more
some less so its better to search little bit before you buy. Then next step is
to create site on WordPress site. If you are familiar from WordPress that's great
if not there are plenty of online tutorials out there you can learn from it 
learn WordPress is not much difficult there are plenty of stuff out there
you can learn from it. And you can earn same from google adsense and affiliate 
marketing promote things or other website.

If you make blog on topic which is very common and so many people already 
wrote about it you need to avoid this because it will be very hard to come top 
on google search so it will be little hard to bring traffic on your site so try
to choose topic or new information which is not very common or new and not many 
people wrote about it there will be a high possibilities many people will visit 
your blog to read about it. if you will be able to write some good stuff you blog 
will defiantly gonna attract traffic.

But don`t think from the very first days you go start earning $1000 you need to 
give time and have patience it will take time may be in starting you gonna start 
with $10 but have patience and keep writing you will get there.